Happier Customers at Scale with Friendly Voice AI-Agents

98% of users rated the experience similar to a human conversation

Powering Million of Conversations

What’s in it for you?

Happier Customers

With short wait times, customers’ needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Boost Call Volume

Our Voca Agents can handle a vast number of calls, helping to easily reach targets.

Maximize Resources

Free up human agents for high-value and complex conversations.

High-level Customer Experience

Our Voca Agents love helping customers solve their issues with minimal fuss.


Increase the capacity to instantly engage with potential customers (both inbound & outbound).

Replace Redundancy

Let us take care of routine calls while executing a seamless handover to human agents.

Meet your Voca Agent

Human-Like Conversations

7 out of 10 customers still prefer speaking with an agent. Voca offers natural, human-like conversations that will leave you wondering if you spoke with a virtual or human agent.

Voca AI-Agents that Speak Volumes

Due to our unique mix of IQ and EQ, you’ll be able to deliver vast volumes of calls at a fraction of the cost without compromising on the human experience.

Easy Implementation

Easily ‘employ’ Voca Agents without loads of data or complex processes. Consistently scale and add use cases on the fly.

The Perfect Collaboration Between AI and Call Center Team

Great call center agents are worth their weight in gold. Voca Agents handle the routine calls and execute seamless hand-overs, freeing up human agents for high value and complex conversations.

Virtual Agents Bring

Real Business Value

Voca’s Virtual Agents can handle any number of call volumes, within an array of industries – boosting productivity, improving customer loyalty and increasing sales outcomes while leaving customers feeling happy and satisfied.

It’s Nice to be Recognized

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Your Customers will Love you for it.