Voca for

Lead Qualification

Create Excellent

First Impressions!

Voca Agents successfully qualify each lead while making calls in volumes, insuring your human agents are spending their time on speaking with the right lead. Natural sounding and empathetic, they’re good at getting that all important, first impression, dealing well with rebuttals while always prompt and on script. Just as important, they can always sense customer intent and hand over the call to a human agent when the time is right.

Voca Agents


Screening Leads

Timely call from Voca Agent, screening irrelevant leads.

Fast Response

Fast response insures customers aren’t looking elsewhere.

Free up Human Agents

Human agents can speak with the right person every-time, focusing efforts on negotiating and closing.

Call at Scale

Voca Agents can handle any number of lead qualifications.

Good at Handovers

Smooth, real-time transfers help human agents achieve effective outcomes.

Decrease Frustration

Voca Agents are always friendly and on script.

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Voca for Lead Qualification?