Voca for

Debt Collection



Voca Agents offer a scalable and efficient way to increase recovery of high volume credit card and loan debt. Empathetic Voca Agents handle calls with sensitivity, ensuring a positive dialogue by personalizing tone, wording, speed, accent and gender, so your customers feel that they’ve been treated with courtesy and understanding.

Voca Agent


Increase Call Volume

Increase call volumes without the hassle of “hiring and firing” during seasonal highs and lows.

Easily Recover Debts

All debts can easily become high priority – no matter how small.

RPC at Scale

Easily Confirm you’re speaking with the right person.

Reach Targets

Human agents can focus their efforts on negotiating and closing and less on RPC.

Test for Best Results

Monitor conversations as they unfold; make decisions and take action in real-time.

Learn from Experience

Voca Agents follow all compliance codes to the T.

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